Excerpt from the Bend Management Statement

Role of the Facilitator

34.7 The facilitator’s role is to serve the group by making sure that it gets to carry out the tasks that it sets itself, in the time that it has allowed itself, with respect for the needs and rights of each group member.

34.8 Specific tasks and duties include:

  • ensuring there is an agreed agenda;
  • making sure that everyone is clear what the issue/s is/are;
  • staying aware of the valuable contribution each person has to make; keeping one’s own personal energy focused on the process rather than the issues;
  • stepping out of the facilitator role when contributing to the discussion; helping the meeting to stay on track and to keep to time;
  • ensuring that everyone has a chance to be heard;
  • asking if anyone is not in agreement;
  • ensuring that agreements are minuted;
  • making sure that those responsible for taking on an action are aware;
  • and fixing the time of the next meeting.


Chairperson to preside at meetings

35 Chairperson to preside at meetings

The chairperson or, in the absence of the chairperson, another member of the committee elected for the purpose by the persons present and entitled to vote is to preside at a meeting of the executive committee of an association.